Frequently Asked Questions about Marriage in PEI

This section is designed to assist couples who are planning to be married. It contains information on questions relating to the marriage licence, and other requirements which must be met before the prospective applicants can be married in Prince Edward Island.

Do we have to produce any documents when making application for a marriage licence?
Yes. A birth certificate is required along with Photo ID. For residents of Prince Edward Island, a provincial health card is also required. Divorced persons must produce the original copy of their Certificate of Divorce with seal and widowed persons must provide a Certificate of Death.

What must a divorced person do to obtain a marriage license in PEI?
A divorced person must present an original certified copy of his/her final or absolute decree or Certificate of Divorce. For divorces that have occurred outside Canada, we recommend the parties concerned contact a lawyer practicing in Prince Edward Island for a written statement indicating the legal opinion that the person is free to marry in Prince Edward Island.

How old must a person be to be married in PEI without consent?
Both parties must be the full age of 18 years to be married without consent.

Can one person obtain a marriage licence and what is the charge?
Both parties must appear before the issuer to obtain a license and the charge is $100.00. This amount is non refundable and subject to change.

How soon before the marriage must an application be made for a licence and how long is the licence valid?
The marriage license may be issued the same day as both parties complete the application. It is recommended that the couple arrange an appointment to apply for a license with a Vital Statistics Office or an Access PEI site at least two weeks before the marriage to avoid delays or disappointment. The marriage license is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.

Should a non-resident make application for a marriage licence sooner than a resident?
Yes. It is advisable that non-residents contact the Vital Statistics Office to obtain information on the procedures for making application for a Marriage License. Procedures may differ from province to province; therefore, contacting Vital Statistics will ensure there are no delays or disappointments in issuing a marriage license. 

Do persons acting as witnesses during the marriage ceremony, and signing the registration as such, have to be a certain age?
Yes. They have to be the 18 years of age to act as witnesses to a marriage or as stated in the Marriage Act subsection 9(1)(c) - two credible witnesses.

Can a female under 18 years of age be married without consent if she is pregnant?
No. All persons under the age of 18 years require the consent of parents.

Can persons under 16 years of age obtain a marriage licence or have their marriage solemnized in PEI?
No. Persons under the full age of 16 years cannot be issued a marriage license or have their marriage solemnized in Prince Edward Island, except in the case of a female who is shown by a certificate from a duly qualified medical practitioner to be either pregnant or the mother of a living child.

If consent is required, is the consent of both the mother and the father required?
The consent of the father and the mother is required under normal conditions. If the parents are separated or divorced, then the consent of the parent with custody of the applicant is required.

Who can solemnize marriages in PEI?
A religious ceremony can be performed by any clergy who is registered with the province. A wedding ceremony can be performed by a Marriage Commissioner (registered with the province), a judge of the Supreme Court, a designated justice of the peace, a Prothonotary or a Deputy Prothonotary..Issuers of Marriage Licenses will have a complete list of who can perform a marriage in PEI.

Are there further requirements for persons not residing in PEI, but who wish to be married in PEI?